6 Months.

Six Months and Counting. What Tremendous Changes are Taking Place in My Life.

The last time I wrote a blog post was back in December 2014. Since then my life has taken unexpected shifts at so many levels. I have seen myself struggle, cry, persevere, grow and consistently work day in and day out to recuperate my entire life.

Since December 2014 I have been changing my life spiritually,  physically and mentally. My emotions have gone on a roller-coaster of discovery; sometimes reaching the depths of Hades, other times reaching the heights of the third heaven. Every day has been a learning curve, it has taken every bit of my being to remain sane and functional.  Nonetheless, quite sane and incredibly functional I am at the moment, and I know it is only the beginning. I have learn so much! volumes of knowledge and wisdom as the library of Alexandria.

Today I am 2569 years old with the body and organs of an 18 year old. Life continues and it is filled  with wonderful opportunities, all up for grabs. LibraryofAlexandria


Resilience & Courage.

Most of us would like to have a smooth ride through life, to achieve all of our dreams and to have the perfect life. The problem is that life is not in any way lineal as most people would love to believe. Life is complex.

The most important lesson that should be taught at an early age is the power of resilience and courage,  without which it would be very difficult and painful to go through life. Every person is an entity, we have been given a body, mind and soul. Those three should be our most precious treasure. Everything  else that happens on the outside is circumstantial,  and circumstances change, and they change fast. One day you are happily married, the next your husband has left you, one day you have an amazing job, tomorrow you may be made redundant. Your great business could be lost along with your health and your love ones. So what guarantees do we have of anything? none really. Life is forever changing and we must learn to craft a character that will withstand the changes of life, the ups and downs.

A few nights ago I was asked: So how do you survive? what keeps you going? My answer was God, the power of faith, and always taking care of myself, knowing that no matter what happens in my life I have God and I have me. Every moment is a gift we must cherish and enjoy to the fullest, but at the same time me must learn to let go. Once the moment has passed is gone. Many of our sufferings as human beings are because we don’t live in the present moment, we are either too caught up in the past, reliving it again and again our minds; or we are dreaming of a future when we will be happy once we get this, that or the other. We should live every moment and every day as our only one, and make sure that we make it as happy as possible. Choose health, choose happiness, choose to anchor your security in yourself and in God or a power greater than you.



Realising Your Dreams: Coffee, Cake, Alice in Wonderland.

photo_2[1]I would like to introduce you to: Miss Poppy Cakes! a charming and magical cafeteria situated in a corner inside Camden Stables Market in Camden Town London. I am always searching for all things inspirational and the minute I walked into this Alice in Wonderland theme Cafe I knew there was an inspirational story behind…


On Saturday the 8th November through a rainy night I managed to make my way to meet Miss Poppy and find out the story behind this very inspirational and magical cafe. Meet Sarah or otherwise known as Miss Poppy. Sarah first came to London when she was 14 years old and something about the city captivated her. She is now 33 years old. She got her degree from Hungary where she is originally from, she studied Film Aesthetics with Philosophy and Religion. After working six years as an events organizer back home, she decided it was time to move to the city that captured her heart – London. photo_1[1]




But before I continue with the interview let me show you through pictures this particular cafe decorated with an eye for detail. A little wonderland and a magical place where home-made cakes, cup cakes, are served daily along side coffees, teas, and organic juices. All in a relaxed atmosphere of magic and fairy tale. From the hand picked decoration to the icing on the delicious carrot cake, this is definite, a spot to visit if you are ever in London town.










As you can see so far it is a lovely & charming cafe with a fantastic atmosphere and there are a few more pictures I would like to share with you of some beautifully crafted miniatures. But for now lets continue with the interview.

When Sarah first arrived in London it was far from a fairy tale. It was very hard to find a job in baking coming from such a different career background. Nonetheless she persevered, knowing in her heart that she always dreamt with having her own little space one day. After many rejections she found work and for three years she worked in hotels and restaurants when finally one day she decided it was time to make her dream come true. I asked Sarah what was her driving force, and she responded that “It may sound boring, but if you really know what you want to do, don’t give up.” She also mentioned in our conversation that it was important to believe in the magical power of creation, in the determination force behind the dream. This woman is a true inspiration, her cafe has been open for four weeks and she works 6 days a week for long hours often up to early hours in the morning baking her cakes in her kitchen. When I asked her if it was too much work she responded “I do what I love – so it is never too much.” Sarah’s philosophy is that you CAN create the world around you but that first you must leave your fears aside, relax and let your passion arise.

Sarah didn’t just realised her dream of opening up her own “bakery” but she also found love in London. Her current business partner is also her love, his name is Gergely also from Hungary. He quit his high pay job in the city to join his girlfriend in this adventure and together they work side by side making this cafe a lovely place for visitors. Gregg is also responsible for the art design and the miniature figures which I will show you shortly.

Sarah & Gergely partners in love & in business. A lovely Hungarian couple.
Gergely recreated Sarah’s kitchen where she bakes her cakes including their black cat sitting in the chair.




photo_4[1] photo_3[1]

On the 8th of November all the earnings from the cafe where going to the charity MIND that helps people with mental illness. This was a significant date for on this date Peter the guy that introduced Sarah & Gergely passed away. Here is a picture of him.


So if you ever in town pop by Miss Poppy Cakes I will write their website if you want to check it out. I find this story inspirational because it gives me hope. Absolutely anyone CAN achieve their dreams if they want it bad enough; all we have to do is pursue the desire of our heart and trust that the universe will put in our path the people, tools and opportunities we need to create our destiny. Like Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss.” and it will surely lead you to all the right places and people.




The Power of Cooperation.

We need to strive for the synergy power of cooperation. In order to co-create we need to understand the power of collaboration. We live in a world that is competitive, yes, however every enterprise requires the work of a team. Whether you are making a film, writing a book, constructing a building or dealing with a business transaction, you need a team of people to back up your efforts, and help your dream become a reality. When you are a team player, you are not egotistically thinking of shining, or in being the best. Rather, you should be looking to do a magnificent job, in order to contribute to a masterpiece. Your efforts, hard work and attention to detail, will speak on your behalf. Remember, ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything.’ Our capacity to focus whole-heartedly in a task, and to deliver excellence even in the minutest detail, will guarantee that we shine and become an  important asset to any company, team or project.  If we focus on doing things right, we will always succeed. It is not what we do that matters; but how efficiently we do it. Sir Henry Royce rightly said: “Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.”

There is an immense power in cooperation. On having, as Franklin Covey suggests in his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, a win-win approach. When you want the other party to win as you win yourself, you create opportunities, you tap into the law of abundance, as you make sure you give as well as receive. Our approach to life determines our success or our failure. Adopting a philosophy of cooperation will ensure that you live an admirable life of abundance, thus leaving behind an honourable  legacy to be proud of.

Next time you catch yourself just taking, or doing things in an egotistical way. Stop and ask yourself: ‘Is this the person I wish to become? Would I like to work with someone like me? Life offers us, an opportunity to craft our destiny on a daily basis, through the decisions and actions that we take. It is useless to expect others to change, the right approach is to be a force of change ourselves, to be part of something bigger, grandeur – to look at ourselves in the mirror and see someone you feel proud of. Someone others would love to work with and follow, because of the positive impact you have made, not only in your work but also in people. A wonderful woman and thinker, writer and poet Maya Angelou who recently passed away, reminds us through her writing that “People will forget what you saidPeople will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Life is a journey make it the best one, and remember to respect your fellow passengers and to leave something positive behind for posterity. download


Where from?

The strength that you need comes from within. The greatest entrepreneurs, writers, thinkers and innovators have gone the rabbit hole of suffering and misfortunes. It is precisely this suffering that has curved the spirit of the successful man and woman. I have always admired the courage, determination and self believe the outstanding individuals  who have made a name for themselves, have had in order to achieve their dreams. If you wanted bad enough you will find a way to see your vision become a reality. Here are a five tips to get you started:

1. Identify your Passion: that which you will do if you had all the money in the world, that activity that resonates with your heart. After you have identified your passion make it your ultimate goal.

2. Devise a strategic plan: Just as you have seen in period films where the general has studied well his strategy against the enemy, and has come up with a detailed plan of action, in the same way, you also need to devise a step by step plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Every millionaire, artist and innovator started somewhere; from the beginning, from the very birth of a grand idea.

3. Study People who have done it before you: Now it easier than ever to have access to a wealth of information. Pick up the top people in the field of your en-devour and study their lives. How did they start? what were their key motivators? who influenced their lives? how did the rise to the top?

4. Be Patient but work consistently:  patience is a virtue that you’ll need in order to see your dreams fulfilled. Take a step at a time, each day, work consistently towards your goals, don’t stop keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

5. Believe with all your Heart: You’ll need huge doses of self believe and determination, specially when things seem to be going wrong, you must trust in the will of the universe and believe with all your heart in your capacity to reach your dreams no matter how distant they may seem.

Conjure up the power from within, believe in your super human strength and move forward despite all odds. Poza del Poder_1024 (1)


No Limits

There is a fallacy circulating around for thousands of years. This lie has infested society at every level; with detrimental, debilitating, and numbing effects. This lie is nothing else than the word ‘You Cannot’ you can’t because you are too old, you can’t because you are the wrong race, you can’t because you come from the wrong socio/economic background, you can’t because you are a female. All those ridiculous can’ts are nothing else than taboos that hold you back from becoming the best you can be, from reaching your dreams and living an outstanding life, the life that you deserve.

Absolutely no one can tell you what you can and cannot do. However from an early age we are bombarded by the opinions and fears of others telling us what we should look like, what we should wear, what we should do and also what we can and cannot do. What you must understand is that language is powerful and when people appropriate language and make excellent use of it combining it with psychology, the damage can be of great proportion.

In order to brake away from all this mental barriers and rubbish you need to reconnect with your true self, with that part of you that does not need to be defined or validated from the outside. Learn to dismantle all the negative thoughts and opinions that hold you back and begin with all your heart to believe in yourself, to rebuild yourself from the inside out. Knowledge is powerful. The minute you start learning new skills, new mental habits, you will begin to feel empowered. Empowered-training1

In Stitches…

Often Life May Hit you hard, brake you, shake you and make you feel in pain but you must know that inside of you there is a reservoir of strength and light. We have the inner ability to heal, to learn from our mistakes and to face life head on with renewed strength, courage and determination. You are a work in progress therefore  do not be so hard on yourself, but learn the art of unconditional Love towards yourself.