The Shadow Self

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ― C.G. JungReflection-210x300







The moment you start looking inside yourself life begins to make perfect sense. We are not competing or fighting with other, our biggest battle is with ourselves. Once we learn to look at our own reflection and accept all the parts of ourselves a new relationship with ourselves begins. Your validation as a human being should never depend on outside forces. On the car you drive to make you feel better, on the clothes you were to improve your self-esteem, in the job you have to make you feel important. None of this is important, the most important validation comes from within. From knowing who you are, from making peace with the past and learning from your experiences, thus obtaining more wisdom, acceptance of self and peace within.

imagesWhen your learn to truly love yourself for who you are, a wonderful journey begins, a journey that lasts a whole life time – until your last breath on this earth. The minute you begin to detach from all the material things, as well as outside acceptance and status; that’s the moment you become free. Embrace your shadow self, allow it to teach you the parts of yourself that need improvement or acceptance. Learn to know yourself and to embrace your uniqueness and individuality. Only then , can you really have an honest life. Everything will have more meaning and beauty.



You hold the key to open the gates of your own heart. You alone are the keeper of your soul. You have been blessed with divine liberty to choose your life, to become the creator of your own earth. There is a universe waiting to be explored within yourself, have the courage to walk through those gates and explore the city within. It is a magical journey and I wish you a happy life of this plane.


Resilience & Courage.

Most of us would like to have a smooth ride through life, to achieve all of our dreams and to have the perfect life. The problem is that life is not in any way lineal as most people would love to believe. Life is complex.

The most important lesson that should be taught at an early age is the power of resilience and courage,  without which it would be very difficult and painful to go through life. Every person is an entity, we have been given a body, mind and soul. Those three should be our most precious treasure. Everything  else that happens on the outside is circumstantial,  and circumstances change, and they change fast. One day you are happily married, the next your husband has left you, one day you have an amazing job, tomorrow you may be made redundant. Your great business could be lost along with your health and your love ones. So what guarantees do we have of anything? none really. Life is forever changing and we must learn to craft a character that will withstand the changes of life, the ups and downs.

A few nights ago I was asked: So how do you survive? what keeps you going? My answer was God, the power of faith, and always taking care of myself, knowing that no matter what happens in my life I have God and I have me. Every moment is a gift we must cherish and enjoy to the fullest, but at the same time me must learn to let go. Once the moment has passed is gone. Many of our sufferings as human beings are because we don’t live in the present moment, we are either too caught up in the past, reliving it again and again our minds; or we are dreaming of a future when we will be happy once we get this, that or the other. We should live every moment and every day as our only one, and make sure that we make it as happy as possible. Choose health, choose happiness, choose to anchor your security in yourself and in God or a power greater than you.



What Do you Tell Yourself…

The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves

For fear or regret

The biggest lies are hidden in a corner deep within

We choose not top see not hear – thinking that they’ll just disappear

Why do we lie to ourselves? wouldn’t be easier to see the truth?

No, that is why we lie to ourselves because the truth is too painful to accept

But the lies we tell ourselves end up hurting us really deep causing much pain and disappointment

But in the end it’s better to face the truth to accept what is and let go of what isn’t

The only way to move on is to make peace deep within, to realise that no matter how many lies you have told yourself or how many mistakes you have done, there is always redemption

Redemption from the false way of living, from the masks and the awful mistakes that we wish we hadn’t  made

The best thing one can do is to forgive, to forgive yourself first of all to make a new relationship with yourself based on truth, based on you

Yes you, for YOU are the most important person in your life and the most important relationship you will ever has starts with you

Self forgiveness allows you to let go and move on.  Forgive yourself for hurting yourself consciously or unconsciously

Forgive yourself for allowing others to hurt you – for not listening to your hurt and standing for your convictions

Tell that hurt little girl or little boy that is ok to forgive and move on

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By doing this you will feel completely free to let go of all the pain and the loss

You will be able to surrender to your truth and to live in freedom from the heart download (1).

You will then experience the greatest love of all the love of your own soul resonating with the universal consciousness thus allowing only goodness and truth enter your life

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The Choices We Make…

“Until a person can say deeply and honestly, “I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday,” that person cannot say, I choose otherwise.”    _____ Stephen R. Covey.


It intrigues me how some people seem to make all the right choices in life either because they had strong role models in their lives, or because they had a good upbringing and all those formative years were filled with positive input. It saddens me to see how people are segregated, pointed at, and marginalised  because they haven’t achieved certain level of success or wealth. Unfortunately not every one has the opportunity to be exposed to the best possible  life, not everyone leads a lineal life where everything seems to fall into place. I thank God for those brave and courageous spirits that despite having had the worse experiences in their lives, they manage non the less to become quite successful in their own right. It infuriates me when people deem you less than because at the moment you don’t fit their bill. The greatest people that have ever lived on this earth have been an inspiration and a role model because although they went through hardship, misery and trauma in their lives, they managed to surpass all of the challenges and become people of great respect.

Even though you may have made wrong choices in your life for whatever reason, it is never too late to make empowering new ones. Don’t let anyone! tell you can’t do something, stay away from those who seek to limit you because of your gender, race, age, background or any other form of discrimination. You must be your own best friend and galvanize yourself to become exactly the person you want to be. Today you can start to make new positive choices that are independent from whatever anyone thinks or perceives about yourself.

I encourage you to believe in yourself and to make the choices that resonate with your life’s purpose on this earth



This quote by Carl Jung is truly beautiful. No matter what happens in your life, you CAN overcome it. It is often the people who suffer the most, who become more successful, happy, and more human. They are able to relate more to others on a deeper level and to understand human suffering. I truly admire all those people who have gone through hell and back, yet – they have chosen not to let the setbacks  define them in any way. But have used those negative experiences to help them become better human beings. Don’t let anything or anyone define you. Even the most horrible of experiences can serve as the fuel to do something beautiful with your life, to serve humanity in a better way and to love yourself no matter what.

Before you seek love and acceptance outside yourself, don’t waste your precious time and energy, start by loving and accepting yourself unconditionally first, and foremost. The most important opinion is your own. How you view yourself is primary to happiness. It does no matter how others see you or perceive you because what they see is what they want to see, which will always be preconditioned by their own subjective view of life and how they feel about themselves. Love yourself and the rest follows accordingly. Learn from your mistakes but don’t beat yourself up about them, mistakes pave the way to success and perfection.

No-one, ABSOLUTELY no-one can hurt you, without your permission. Don’t let other people’s insecurities define your life. Forgive, love and move on. Your life is like a canvas, life and the many and varied experiences you face in your life are the colours – but how you paint your master piece – is – entirely up to you. Make YOU and YOUR life your best work of art. You CAN!

Tainted Glass….

I take a peek out of my tainted glasses – and I see your beautiful blue eyes smiling back at me

A shy smile, a fearful smile and then it disappears again…

I seat at the sea shore, I close my eyes and I see your beautiful brown eyes, they glitter in the sky and remind me that you are mine…

I walk in the forest, my hands touch the roses  and  your beautiful green eyes follow me right behind…

Tonight the moon and the stars danced under the sun







The Beauty of the Soul

Food for the Soul Can Soothe Your Pain

Before I embark on the main topic of this post which is how food prepared with love and positive energy has a soothing effect on your emotions and a nourishing one on your body, I would like to say a warm hello to all my dear blog followers, I have been away for a while. A lot has happened recently which should had propelled me to write and to share but it has not worked out that way… My sister who was more like a mother to me died a month ago, her death has opened the door to a lot of introspection. Grieving is such a painful process but at the same time is liberating. For years and years I’ve had locked away so much pain at the bottom of my soul. The more painful the experience the deeper the human psychic tends to bury it. The death of my sister has led me to open up wounds and doors that were closed inside me for many years.

I find myself crying often for no apparent reason. Last week I was waxing at home, sitting on the floor focused on not reaping the skin of my bones when all of the sudden out of no where I start crying. But it wasn’t a light cry, or a few tears no! it was a full blown cry that came from the bottom of my very soul. I went to the kitchen to drink some water and I found myself sobbing uncontrollably on top on the kitchen’s work top, my flatmate quite alarmed asked me with sincere concern “what’s the matter why are you crying? talk to me please.” but how do you explain to someone that you have a pain that has never healed because it remained locked away and only now because of recent events, somehow a range of  images, memories and feelings are coming up like a raging river to the surface.  Today I was practising yoga,  comfortably in the child position, repeating the mantra “The Universe protects and nurtures me. I am secure and loved.” and it happened again I started to cry and sob like a baby who has lost her mother. I recently heard a saying ” sometimes people cry not because they’re weak. Its because they have been strong for too long…” and I can totally relate to it, when you’ve had an incredible share of difficult or traumatic experiences in your life the tendency is not to think, to become numb to the pain because it is to strong to bear or to face.  These painful emotions create blockages in our bodies and those sometimes manifest through physical pain, difficult interrelationships or through other ways. It is never easy to do away with a painful past for some it remains dormant until something happens to awaken the wounds, for others it remains a silence witness that whispers in the subconscious and determines indirectly how to lead ones life.

I guess for me it is time to face all that pain and to go through the grieving process not just for the death of my sister my also for all those years of silent pain.  Well, I can see I managed to go  completely off the topic I was meant to write about, all I can do is offer my apologies and to assure you that at least I am fulfilling the promise that I made at the birth of this blog: to share my journey of self discovery with you. tumblr_lnf96uNBEy1qilbt5o1_500