On Losing Weigh and Gaining Energy

My 3rd day….

I am very happy to report that I have been exercising now for three days and I am practising yoga. In addition I am taking coconut virgin oil and Goji juice both have amazing health benefits and they also aid weight loss.

London is very sunny today so I will venture out to my local cemetery for a walk.

I am finishing one of the two books I’m reading on creative writing.

I still haven’t found a job ­čśŽ

I’m reading, reading, reading like always.

Most people find it weird when I talk about energy. But to me that’s such a normal topic, you see, for one reason or another I can sense people’s energies and is not a pleasant thing. When I go out I feel almost like a sponge sucking in people’s energy, ┬áTHEREFORE I always need to protect myself, to shield myself. How do I do this? well…

  • I ground myself within my own mind, once I’m grounded,
  • I create almost like an umbilical cord from my 7th chakra the root or base chakra, that runs all the way to the centre of the earth an it stays there connected.
  • After I’m grounded, and my umbilical cord is firmly rooted, then I create a circle around me in colour and I also place a massive flower in front of me, also rooted to the earth.

Now, all this may sound a bit ‘weird’ but the scientific fact is that everything in our universe is energy and it helps to understand that we need to manage our own energy in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Today, actually at 3pm I’m meeting a journalist friend of mine who is also a film maker. I had called him several weeks ago to discuss an idea I have about a short film but he has been so busy that only until now he was able to fit me into his tide agenda. ┬áSometimes I feel discouraged like “what’s the point?!” but even though the negative thoughts want to creep in my mind and make a nest, I continually fight them off, and I remind myself that this journey of self – discovery and self- development is not an easy one but it is enriching and worth it. ┬áI will keep on sharing with you dear reader, my life.