Resilience & Courage.

Most of us would like to have a smooth ride through life, to achieve all of our dreams and to have the perfect life. The problem is that life is not in any way lineal as most people would love to believe. Life is complex.

The most important lesson that should be taught at an early age is the power of resilience and courage,  without which it would be very difficult and painful to go through life. Every person is an entity, we have been given a body, mind and soul. Those three should be our most precious treasure. Everything  else that happens on the outside is circumstantial,  and circumstances change, and they change fast. One day you are happily married, the next your husband has left you, one day you have an amazing job, tomorrow you may be made redundant. Your great business could be lost along with your health and your love ones. So what guarantees do we have of anything? none really. Life is forever changing and we must learn to craft a character that will withstand the changes of life, the ups and downs.

A few nights ago I was asked: So how do you survive? what keeps you going? My answer was God, the power of faith, and always taking care of myself, knowing that no matter what happens in my life I have God and I have me. Every moment is a gift we must cherish and enjoy to the fullest, but at the same time me must learn to let go. Once the moment has passed is gone. Many of our sufferings as human beings are because we don’t live in the present moment, we are either too caught up in the past, reliving it again and again our minds; or we are dreaming of a future when we will be happy once we get this, that or the other. We should live every moment and every day as our only one, and make sure that we make it as happy as possible. Choose health, choose happiness, choose to anchor your security in yourself and in God or a power greater than you.




Wide Awake

You become wide awake when you realise and accept the truth. Denial is the worse enemy, it leads you to unreal illusions that only amount to disappointment and heart ache.

When you open the eyes of your understanding and accept the reality, then and only then can you let go and move on. As long as you remain attached to an unrealistic hope you robe yourself from the beauty of life and the chance to live fully and truthfully.



Enjoy Life

You Don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect in your life in order to enjoy life. Make each moment count, live in the present and find a way to make each task of the day enjoyable. Need to clean the house? why not listen to your favourite music, need to do the laundry? why not read or make a list of things you would like to do while you wait!? Any and every activity in your life can be spiced up. Be Creative in your Life Today!


And How to Begin the Journey?

The Journey of Self – Discovery

Where to Start? 

Well, first of all you need to understand your starting point. Your current state. In order to do that you will need: pen, paper, a pad and colour pens. On a page you can write your current state for example:

– Single

– 25 years old

– graduate/unemployed

Drawing by Anka Zhuravleva

Note down three to four points describing your current state. You simply write it on a piece of paper being as honest as you can be, remember, only you will be seeing this – is your journey of self – improvement!

After, take the colour pens and pad (which ever size you fancy) and separate the different areas in which you wish to change, you’ll need to include the AREA of work, and the current state of that area. Example:


It is quite bad at the moment, I need to lose weight and go down to 48 kilos (be specific as to the outcome you hope to achieve)


Awful, I need to become stronger, more grounded within myself. I want to stop feeling depressed, down or lonely. I want to stop feeling stressed and instead feel calm, at peace with myself and in control of my life.


IT is bad because I don’t have a job and my income needs to improve. I would like to get a full/part time job in this particular area.

Well the list can be as small or as long as you need it to be. The idea is that  you acknowledge the area you wish to improve, and realise how bad it is.

How to Improve these areas?

After you clearly know what you wish to improve and how much you need to improve that area of your life, the second stage is to work out a concrete plan of action. Example:


  • Wake up every day at 7:oo have a healthy breakfast (you can even do a menu for each day to make sure you stick to it).
  • Go to the gym for half an hour or and hour, go to jogging to the park, go swimming, or engaging in what ever type of exercise you enjoy and can afford.
  • Practise yoga daily.

So in every area, write down a plan of action and don’t forget to have a deadline or time frame to make your outcome more realistic. For example, I plan to lose weight by this date. I hope this helps. I know it’s a very basic and a rough guide, but it can serve as a starting point to move forward. We all want to enjoy happy and healthy lives, and the good news is that most of the areas in our lives that we want to improve are within our range of power. So go ahead and take your life to another level. It pleases me to share this with you because I am going through various changes in my life and I believe that each and everyone of us can improve the quality of our lives and relationships.

Picture by Anka Zhuravleca

Happy Journey!!!    

And So my Journey Begins…

I Cannot postpone it any – longer… 

And so I must begin my journey. The whole idea behind creating this blog  was to make it easier (somehow) for me to embark on my own personal journey of transformation and return to me. Although I have posted quotes, pictures, and writing of various forms, I have not however grasped what this blog is really meant to be about. And you may ask yourself the same question that I have asked myself: WHY? well the answer is simple, yet profound. Because it is difficult to face your demons, to heal old scars and to expose yourself to the world. But this is what I have decided to do nonetheless. 

I am tired of hiding my pain and my past. I want to find myself  and the real reason why I’m sharing my life with you, dear reader, is because I feel perfectly alone, alone like I have always been since I was a child. I don’t feel sorry for myself on the contrary, I want to expose my scars to the whole world so that  from my pain and experience I may be of help to others. Like I said at the beginning of this blog “One must rise to the challenge of change in order to embrace was best about us, to understand and connect to our inner world.”  This blog has been divided into categories not just because they are of interest to me but also because these are the areas in which I wish to change.

BODY: All my life I have weighed 48 kilos but since that terrible illness I went up to 74 kilos! I am now at 67 kilos soooo the challenge and transformation for me is to go down to 48 kilos by the 1st March.  I’m planning to exercise one hour at day, to walk to the park which I absolutely love, and to practice yoga daily. I simply cannot follow a diet, so what I’m planning to do is to eat healthy meals and include organic coconut virgin oil which is amazing to aid weight loss. 

SPIRIT: I am going to get up at 5:00am everyday to pray and get closer to the source of life and energy, to God.

EMOTION/MIND: I am a fervent reader and I particularly love reading self-development books. At the moment I am reading a few books at the same time whiles listening to audiotapes as well. I am going to recommend to you my dear reader some of the books I am reading, that I have found incredibly helpful, those are the following:

  • Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within.”
  • Stephen R. Covey “The 7  Habits of Highly Effective People.”
  • Penney Peirce “The Intuitive Way.”
  • Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

There are also very good channels on you tube I can suggest.  One in particular which is a series of talks on success and positive mental attitude by Napoleon Hill I highly recommend it . Do not be put off by the vintage look, just look for the treasure in the message. Well! from now on I will be posting my advancement and steps in this journey under the different categories. I am not even sure if this post will be read by anyone or if it will be of interest at all but I have committed myself to this challenge and therefore I will see it through until the end. I sincerely hope you can accompanied me in this journey of recovery and transformation. I can assure you that your company, comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you! ever so much for taking the time to read my post and be part of my magical world. 

I look forward to journeying with you…Because at the end of the day we are all intra connected.  

Solar Radiation: A change in Our Human Energy

Massive X6.9 class solar flare, August 9, 2011...
Image via Wikipedia

Change – Energy- Solar      Radiation 

What changes this solar radiation storm will bring to the earth energetic field is an interesting question? the eruption of a moderate solar flare at the centre of the Sun has unleashed a tremendous radiation storm. Radiation in the form of solar protons has been descending on the Earth from Sunday and is likely to continue until Wednesday. The storm could have disruptions to airline flights, oil operations and  space satellites. Dr Terry Onsager, from the NOAA’s American Space Weather  Prediction Centre in Colorado said ” That the energy causes the Earth’s magnetic field to fluctuate, is like a big battering ram that pushes into the Earth’s Magnetic field.” What implications in terms of our health and the environment in general this storm will have – no one really knows. Some say it could give special powers to some.

Do we really need a change in energy? my answer is, we most certainly do. Living in a world where greed, vanity, ignorance and selfishness has spread a horrendous seed we definitely need a change. Unfortunately what most of us fail to acknowledge is that we are active agents in what happens in our lives, our homes, our work and our society. Until we raise up to the challenge of a new energy of change we will continue to see the earth being polluted, destroyed and consumed, we will continue to see hunger, injustice and atrocities committed on all the continents of our mother earth. WE need to change, change starts with the individual and it is then spreads along the universe.

Let us spread the earth not with solar protons but with the energy of aware, emancipated individuals who are willing to make a change. If we look at the state of society from whatever vantage point it all calls for a change from the education system, to the economic system,  a change is needed. Genuine, courageous, loving, peaceful and positive energy is needed.

Change starts with me and you. Our energy is far more powerful than anything we can image. Let us wake up and assume the challenge as agents of positive change for our lives, our families, our societies and the world in general.