Getting Rid of the Old – Building The New.

No Happy With Your Life? No Problem, You CAN Start a New & Build Your Dream Life!

Think about it, when you are first born life presents itself like a journey of discovery, like a white board in which you draw or write your experiences which start to mould your character and your perception of life. However, life is life! it doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or 20 or 40 or 60. What matters is that life is still there, the opportunity to make something new, to reinvent yourself and to write a new script is there waiting for you to grab.

What really stops us from having the life of our dreams are two things: 1) We are too stuck in the old mental patterns to think we can change, and 2) We don’t really know ourselves or know what we want therefore we can’t obtain it because we don’t know what it is we really want or have a plan to acquire it. But all this CAN be resolved. All it takes is for you to take some time out and spend it getting rid of the old in order to build the new.


Have a good look at your life and see how much crap you have allowed to get it. When I say crap I mean disappointments, past hurts, wrong notions about yourself, sadness, and other people’s opinions. All of the above constitutes stagnated energy which eats up at the core of your being. What you need to do is decide once and for all that your life is worth it, that you deserve happiness and that you need to get rid of the old so that you can start your grand design for your life.

imagesStart by writing in a piece of paper all the areas you which to change or improve. For example:

1. My body. I wish to lose 10 kilos.

2. My finances. I wish to change jobs and have a bigger salary doing what I love.

3. My relationship. I wish to find the right person, or end a toxic relationship.

You can literally change just about anything in your life but you first need to know what you want to change to then take the necessary steps to get rid of the old patterns. Life is a journey and you get to decide where it will take you. You have within you the power to change your life, do not wait for someone to come and rescue you or show you the way. Take action today, even if it is a small step, that’s the way to begin to take small positive steps towards a new and improved version of yourself. It always makes me happy to share my journey of development with my readers. Right now I am losing weight and creating new healthy habits for a life time. I was at 72 kilos and my desire is to go down to 48 kilos, I know what you’re thinking “that’s too much!” but believe me with my Latin curves this weight suits me fine. Every day I learn something new about myself it is an exciting journey of self discovery.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave your comments or questions. And as always I’m happy to write about a particular subject that interests you.


On a Warrior’s Face.

What you see are the scars of all my battles, I wear them with pride because they helped me to become who I am.

You see these arms? the same arms that lifted the ones that were down, those who  had no -one to help them, the very arms that have been a shelter from my own loneliness and fears.

You are perfect? I am not, I have made many errors and cried many tears. I have tanks of letters that I never send, but in each I  gave a tear away.

I am a woman, a warrior, a princess and a lover. Someone who will stand up 10 times if pushed 8, someone who will console those who cry, someone who will always have a positive word even though she is all alone.

I am not afraid, why should I be? I have me. Next time you see me, or a woman like me, realise we have been, are and will be, warriors with  faces  that will not hide their scars away, but wear them proudly because they emerge the tenets of  our souls.


Harness Your Mind.

Thoughts are powerful, what you say in your mind matters. We may be not be able to control events outside ourselves; but we can and should have full control over our minds, otherwise someone else will. You should choose the correct seeds to harness the garden of your mind. This is your world, your domain, your secret garden.  Have you ever wonder why archaic ideas that were created long ago still have a hold on most people’s minds? It is because our mental paradigms are created by language and images and until we learn to disseminate those in an emancipated way, we’ll continue to open our selves up to exterior control.  images (3)


Each Morning wake up with a CAN do attitude, and if can’t trust in the Lord. Trust in the Lord either way, knowing that we can rely in God to take our strength. Make it your morning routine kneel and say a prayer unto the Lord, entrusting in him your whole life, knowing in your heart that ‘All will be Good.’


On Losing Weigh and Gaining Energy

My 3rd day….

I am very happy to report that I have been exercising now for three days and I am practising yoga. In addition I am taking coconut virgin oil and Goji juice both have amazing health benefits and they also aid weight loss.

London is very sunny today so I will venture out to my local cemetery for a walk.

I am finishing one of the two books I’m reading on creative writing.

I still haven’t found a job 😦

I’m reading, reading, reading like always.

Most people find it weird when I talk about energy. But to me that’s such a normal topic, you see, for one reason or another I can sense people’s energies and is not a pleasant thing. When I go out I feel almost like a sponge sucking in people’s energy,  THEREFORE I always need to protect myself, to shield myself. How do I do this? well…

  • I ground myself within my own mind, once I’m grounded,
  • I create almost like an umbilical cord from my 7th chakra the root or base chakra, that runs all the way to the centre of the earth an it stays there connected.
  • After I’m grounded, and my umbilical cord is firmly rooted, then I create a circle around me in colour and I also place a massive flower in front of me, also rooted to the earth.

Now, all this may sound a bit ‘weird’ but the scientific fact is that everything in our universe is energy and it helps to understand that we need to manage our own energy in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Today, actually at 3pm I’m meeting a journalist friend of mine who is also a film maker. I had called him several weeks ago to discuss an idea I have about a short film but he has been so busy that only until now he was able to fit me into his tide agenda.  Sometimes I feel discouraged like “what’s the point?!” but even though the negative thoughts want to creep in my mind and make a nest, I continually fight them off, and I remind myself that this journey of self – discovery and self- development is not an easy one but it is enriching and worth it.  I will keep on sharing with you dear reader, my life.