Being You

The biggest mistake we can make is to try to be someone else.

We are all born to unique circumstances. Events in our lives mark a paramount difference that separates us from the rest. Learning to love ourselves is very important, to accept every part of us and realise that you are wonderful just the way you are. The biggest challenge and greatest reward is to remain true to yourself in a world that constantly seeks to turn you into someone else. Listen to the music of your soul and find comfort in the life within.

Art by Andrew Ferez


Enjoy Life

You Don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect in your life in order to enjoy life. Make each moment count, live in the present and find a way to make each task of the day enjoyable. Need to clean the house? why not listen to your favourite music, need to do the laundry? why not read or make a list of things you would like to do while you wait!? Any and every activity in your life can be spiced up. Be Creative in your Life Today!


Looking after Yourself

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

                                                                                             _____ Buddha

tumblr_lyzy77fCDH1r5kk33o1_500Now more than ever it is of supreme importance to look after ourselves. We are currently living in a world where we are constantly bombarded by information and external input, from the media, news, advertising and television, to the greatest source of information – the internet. Because of the tremendous amount of different information we are exposed to, it is important to not only know oneself, but to also be anchored in your inner being by looking after yourself.

We can look after ourselves in many different ways. Each person should have daily personal rituals that help them to stabilise themselves, in order to be connected with their purpose and mission of life. I can give you examples of my daily routines that when I consistently apply them, they make a world of difference to my life. First of all, I have to share with you that I am a true believer in the power of lists. Pen and paper can actually save your life and help you focus in order to achieve your goals and dreams in an effective way. The first thing I do when I get up (or before I go to sleep) is to make a simple list of the things I want to achieve on the day, for example:

1. Pray.

2. Practise yoga.

3. Meditate.

4. Have a healthy breakfast.

5. Go to the gym (to swim, exercise, and go to the sauna.)

6. clean the house.

7. Study.

The list helps me in two ways: One, by writing down on a list form everything I need to do on that day, I can rid of mental stress and confusion. By writing it down I liberate my mind and I can then read what I have to do, and focus on the task at hand. Two, it also helps me to become discipline and organise, by ticking off each accomplished task thus using time effectively.

Everything that goes in your list should be directed towards  helping you lift your life each day to greater and greater heights by taking small steps towards success. It is your responsibility  to look after yourself by adopting healthy and holistic life choices that promote self love. No-one can make you feel good about yourself. When we rely on others for our well being and happiness we are greatly disappointed when that person does not live up to our expectations ( I know this by experience) the best thing you can do is to look after yourself with love and tender care. Look after your body by doing exercise it does not have to be boring or tedious. You can practise the sport of your choice or combine different types of exercise to make it fun, you can swim, or take a zumba class, pilates class, or simply walk by nature or any of your favourite spots.

Look after your mind by reading inspiring self – development books. Reading biographies of the people we admire is another way to greatly inspire ourselves through the positive examples we see in others. Meditation is another great way to help quieten your mind and focus in your inner being. Prayer and meditation do wonders for the mind and soul.

You can devise your own plan of self improvement as long as you are focusing in making YOU the best person ever. When you feel good about yourself you can then be of better help to others and you can also serve as a motivational example for friends and family. So go out there today and grab hold of life! renew the zest for life by following a daily routine focusing on targeting your mind, body and soul. The more you look after yourself, the more you can give to others.

Have a wonderful day my dear readers. I hope this post has been helpful to you and don’t forget that you can leave comments or ask me questions about topics you would like me to write about or explore with you.

Much love & peace to you all.


Today I started a new chapter in my life. I can see clearly my mistakes, the wrong turns I’ve taken and the outcome. But at the same time I’m hopeful, hopeful for the opportunity to start again, to correct my mistakes and to learn from them. I come to you today to share my imperfections as well as my scars. I cannot write of a wonderful perfect life because mine is not like that. I can’t sale to you a prefabricated happy version for you to follow, admire or envy, no. But what I can do, what I’m doing and will continue to do, is to write, to share with you my imperfect life – to find solutions to my problems instead of hiding from them, escaping from them or feeling sorry for myself.

I come to you today dear blog reader with an open heart, and an honest hand. With my open heart I can bare my hurts, my disappointments, my loss, and perhaps… my loneliness. But at the same time I come with my honest hand to inspire you (hopefully) to create with words hope and courage, a better today and a great tomorrow. With my honest hand I write from my heart to tell you that: Yes it is ok to not feel ok, because in the end when you reflect on why you are not ok, you will change, do something about it and be more than ok.


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Find the Magic in You

The best place to find that magical and enchanting place is within yourself. Our inner being holds the key to the most wonderful and spellbinding adventures and places. When we look outside ourselves for validification, we lose the very purpose of our existence in this planet. What we are meant to do, and who we are meant to be is already embedded in each cell of your being, it is stored in your genetic memory, all you need to do is,  to jump in and swim in the beautiful  blue sea of your inner being. Open your heart to yourself and find all the treasures you seek, they are there waiting for you to be discovered.”    

                                                                    ____ Lady V


By Alberto Seveso


Making Changes

Who said change was easy?

Making changes in whatever area of our life is not always easy. Changes can be quite painful, and they take time, patience and perseverance. Sometimes panic creeps in because all we see in front of us is a long list of changes that we need to make  in our lives in order for us to lead a better quality of life, a more fulfilling and happy one. This list of things to change, can be overwhelming. Making changes in our lives however can be more positive and effective when we take one day at a time  and make small deposits into our ‘changing account’ Yes! no matter how small the step towards change,  it needs to be annotated and appreciated. The power of small but continuous positive steps towards change has an accumulative effect that before you know it,  you are half way through that desired change in your life.images (2)

I always found it very helpful to keep a diary of progress. In this diary I write daily and monitor my behaviour, improvement and my no so good feelings. It is almost as keeping and account of your best company who is YOU, by doing this you can easily see the progress you’ve made as well as the things or people that hold you back, you can also identify your bad habits as well as your breakthroughs.  Wake up each morning with a positive slogan, speak kind words of encouragement to yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you how valuable you are, just believe in yourself and your own capacity to surpass every challenge in your life while creating a strong and grounded character. Do the things that make you happy, take a new hobby, try a new flavour, watch something inspirational, sing, dance, write. Do what ever you need to do that is positive and constructive to lift your mood and enhance your well-being.


It is an immense pleasure for me to share my blog with you, to listen to your comments while I also very freely expose my own feeling in this journey of self discovery and self-improvement. All great women and men had to go through different struggles in their own lives in order to become great and to be the best they could be. If you are reading this post today, let me tell you. You are not alone! they are many like you and me out there, real people who are struggling and persevering in their own lives. So don’t give up, keep up the good fights and remember that everything in life passes.

Being You.

Life is like a Theatre and You are the main Protagonist!

Yes YOU.  We often go through life looking for recognition and acceptance in others, when in reality the most important recognition and acceptance we can ever receive comes from our very self from within.  Growing up we somehow lose that intrinsic  essence that set us apart from the others. We are bombarded by family, friends, school with different information about ourselves and the world around us, is not surprise that we lose the sense of who we truly are. The good news is that your essence never changes, who you truly are remains intact at the core of your being it just takes introspection and time alone doing what makes you happy to reconnect with your true self.
Will it surprise you to realise that many people go through life living a false life completely different  to the life they really want to lead?  and the question is, why?! why would anyone work in a job they hate, that  does not resonate with their inner passion? why would anyone be with a person who does not make them happy but who constantly puts them down and makes their life miserable? and we can go on asking many good quality questions in other to get to those important answers. However there are many factors that influence our decisions and our lack of action and every circumstance is different, but there is one thing that remains the same for all of us, and that thing is  ‘Self Knowledge’ when we adapt to a false identity or version of ourselves we seriously jeopardise the opportunity to lead a truly happy, and fulfilled life  in our accordance with our very essence and trademark.
Picture by Lisa Weedn
 So how do we make that shift? how do we let go of the false identity to give rise to our true selves?  Start by listening to your heart, syntonise to the inner voice that knows exactly who you are.  Focus on yourself, start to follow your passion we all have something that makes us unique, it was probably evident when we were kids or growing up in our teenage years, a passion, something that we enjoyed so much that we could see ourselves doing for the rest of your life. That is the key to your happiness, find that passion within yourself and follow it. Be who you want to be, work exactly where you want to work, stop making excuses and lead the life of your dreams.  Play your own tune and dance with those who understand your melody, this is your life, this is your chance, don’t let it pass you by and then regret all the things you could have done on your death bed. Live today and love your life because is yours and is unique. You deserve happiness so go out there without fear and seize the day.