Realising Your Dreams: Coffee, Cake, Alice in Wonderland.

photo_2[1]I would like to introduce you to: Miss Poppy Cakes! a charming and magical cafeteria situated in a corner inside Camden Stables Market in Camden Town London. I am always searching for all things inspirational and the minute I walked into this Alice in Wonderland theme Cafe I knew there was an inspirational story behind…


On Saturday the 8th November through a rainy night I managed to make my way to meet Miss Poppy and find out the story behind this very inspirational and magical cafe. Meet Sarah or otherwise known as Miss Poppy. Sarah first came to London when she was 14 years old and something about the city captivated her. She is now 33 years old. She got her degree from Hungary where she is originally from, she studied Film Aesthetics with Philosophy and Religion. After working six years as an events organizer back home, she decided it was time to move to the city that captured her heart – London. photo_1[1]




But before I continue with the interview let me show you through pictures this particular cafe decorated with an eye for detail. A little wonderland and a magical place where home-made cakes, cup cakes, are served daily along side coffees, teas, and organic juices. All in a relaxed atmosphere of magic and fairy tale. From the hand picked decoration to the icing on the delicious carrot cake, this is definite, a spot to visit if you are ever in London town.










As you can see so far it is a lovely & charming cafe with a fantastic atmosphere and there are a few more pictures I would like to share with you of some beautifully crafted miniatures. But for now lets continue with the interview.

When Sarah first arrived in London it was far from a fairy tale. It was very hard to find a job in baking coming from such a different career background. Nonetheless she persevered, knowing in her heart that she always dreamt with having her own little space one day. After many rejections she found work and for three years she worked in hotels and restaurants when finally one day she decided it was time to make her dream come true. I asked Sarah what was her driving force, and she responded that “It may sound boring, but if you really know what you want to do, don’t give up.” She also mentioned in our conversation that it was important to believe in the magical power of creation, in the determination force behind the dream. This woman is a true inspiration, her cafe has been open for four weeks and she works 6 days a week for long hours often up to early hours in the morning baking her cakes in her kitchen. When I asked her if it was too much work she responded “I do what I love – so it is never too much.” Sarah’s philosophy is that you CAN create the world around you but that first you must leave your fears aside, relax and let your passion arise.

Sarah didn’t just realised her dream of opening up her own “bakery” but she also found love in London. Her current business partner is also her love, his name is Gergely also from Hungary. He quit his high pay job in the city to join his girlfriend in this adventure and together they work side by side making this cafe a lovely place for visitors. Gregg is also responsible for the art design and the miniature figures which I will show you shortly.

Sarah & Gergely partners in love & in business. A lovely Hungarian couple.
Gergely recreated Sarah’s kitchen where she bakes her cakes including their black cat sitting in the chair.




photo_4[1] photo_3[1]

On the 8th of November all the earnings from the cafe where going to the charity MIND that helps people with mental illness. This was a significant date for on this date Peter the guy that introduced Sarah & Gergely passed away. Here is a picture of him.


So if you ever in town pop by Miss Poppy Cakes I will write their website if you want to check it out. I find this story inspirational because it gives me hope. Absolutely anyone CAN achieve their dreams if they want it bad enough; all we have to do is pursue the desire of our heart and trust that the universe will put in our path the people, tools and opportunities we need to create our destiny. Like Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss.” and it will surely lead you to all the right places and people.




Wouldn’t it Be Wonderful to Learn from Experience?

experience leaders

Imagine the heart aches, disappointments, tears and sadness we would not have in our lives if we learned from experiences. Be it our own experience or that of others?


Unfortunately we stubborn humans don’t quite learn like that in a lineal way. Instead we prefer to hit our heads many times against the wall until we either bleed to death or become too weak to function.


Recently I’ve had my heart broken more times than I can actually count, I’m surprised I am still standing, with the courage to write and move on with my life. I have played the fool many times, trusting people too easily, giving my friendship away to the wrong people or simply giving WAY too much. The result has always been  the same – I get stubbed at the back, and my kindness gets taken for weakness. Unfortunately in this world we live in, not everyone is what they seem to be. You can see someone’s pretty face or smile, but you have no idea what lies behind that smile, or what intentions are hidden in that person’s heart. Someone remains a stranger until you get to know them properly and try their character in different situations and contexts. We should hook to our other sensory devices such as our intuition and inner voice, most people (specially men) tend to focus just on the visual. If she is pretty or he is handsome, if he/she dresses well or seems smiley or friendly. PEOPLE, anyone can dress well or pretend to be nice but the truth is that if you are buying or renting an apartment, you would want to find out absolutely everything you can about the location, amenities etc.. Also if you’re applying for a job you look, at the salary, career prospects, insurance and a bunch of other important things!

If you are hired somewhere (in London at least) usually you go through a trial period to see if you are suitable for the job, and if the job is suitable for you. My question is, why don’t some of us less wise people don’t do the same when it comes friends and relationships!?  which honestly constitutes a very important part of our lives! When your best friend steals your fiancée (yeah, it happened to me!) when the nice looking girl you bring home flirts openly with you ex, and your ex takes a liking to your new friend, seriously that is messed up. Dear readers these things do happen not just on tv but in real life. People with bad intentions walk into your life and mess it up, but you and I should be the guards of our gate. My advice to you and to myself is: learn from your mistakes don’t trust people easily and don’t open the doors to your heart or house to just anybody. Keep your boyfriends, ex – boyfriends or male friends away from certain sleazy women who have no respect for themselves or for your friendship.

I have vowed to myself:

1) To never again give my friendship away so easily but to try & test the person for a while before I call them a “friend”

2) To be incredibly selective when it comes to bringing people to my home or introducing certain people to my group of friends.

3) To be extremely cautions when choosing my friends.

I hope my experience serves as a mirror and you wise up and understand that there are evil people out there, roaming the streets like predators looking for meat, who would take away your friends, money, job, boyfriend or husband in the blink of an eye, and without any conscious though or consideration what so ever, BEWARE. Therefore, we must become like warriors standing at the front gate of our lives. Listen to your heart and intuition when you first meet someone, and do not let any Tom, Dick and Jack enter your precious kingdom. Put people to the test and only keep those who have proven their worth, loyalty and character. If a person if worthy of you, be it friend, colleague or boyfriend, you need to give it time and have your eyes very open for signs and attitudes. Only surround yourself with people of good character, who will be an asset to your life and not a hindrance , who are positive & loyal.

 Learn from your mistakes and move on to better and greater things with the added value of wisdom through experience.

Messages From Above…

Hello my dear readers. It is so good to be back sharing with you my journey of self-discovery. Lately I have been feeling quite down and that is the reason why I decided to stay away from my blog, so that I would not pass onto you any negative energy.

Nonetheless, this time has served me to do a lot of introspection, which is not always easy. As humans we tend to avoid, distract ourselves rather than face our issues. May be we do it because the issues are too painful, maybe because we are simply not ready at that particular moment to deal with the situation, feeling or person. I believe there are many magical portals that can transport us into different dimensions. I mentioned the kind of mundane places where those may be found. However lately, a voice inside myself has been directing me to an amazing magical portal…

That magical portal is situated deep within each of us. All we have to do is become still, breath and look inside ourselves. When we do that, something amazing happens, suddenly we are able to see the ego, the thoughts as separate from that inner being which has no form because it is spirit and formless. Associating happiness with exterior things is a tricky thing, I’m not saying it is bad to have material things, to have people we love and care for in our lives. The danger is when we become attached to those things and people, and we believe that our identity and capacity to be happy and fulfilled is in direct connection with this things or people. When we identify with the role: mother, business woman, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly etc, we lose our sense of self which values is extrinsic within us.

From time to time messages from above are heard in our inner being but the noise outside seeks to quieten the voice inside us, that seeks to help us become conscious, aware and present. 

I wish all my readers a wonderful day, do leave your comments. Thanks for reading.  

Stillness – Awareness: Listening to your Inner VOice

Here I am Once again on my path of Self – Discovery. Sharing with you dear reader, my findings, feelings and thoughts on the matter of Self – Discovery.

I cannot remember when I began this journey, but I know it was a long time ago. Lately my mind has been clouded by so many voices and opinions that make it harder for me to listen to my inner voice and to dwell in the joy of Being. The journey of self-discovery is an important one. Most of us get caught up in the ego trap of, thinking, thinking, thinking. But thinking about what? thinking that we need to be loved and liked by people in order to feel “worth” it, that we need to look, weigh and sound a certain way to be worth it, that we need to have the perfect partner, car, house, children, education, friends, looks, and the list goes on.

When the reality is – that each and everyone of us IS WORTH it. Our intrinsic worth does not lie in what is outside ourselves, it lies deep within us. No matter how much money, fame, friends or lovers one may have if we are not AWARE of our inner self, we will always seek for more and more. And never be quite satisfied. If material things, and people’s recognition was ALL we needed, then many of the people who had these things, would have never committed suicide, or fallen trapped to addictions that deteriorated the quality of their lives.

We need to evolve as a human race, to become enlightened, aware of that blissful inner space. I am not ashamed to tell you that I don’t have a job, because I don’t! I studied History as well as English Literature. After finishing my degree I decided not to get the first job that paid well and boost my ego, nop, I decided to seek the right job for me. As many other decisions I have been making and I’m currently making in my life. I choose to live in accordance with my life’s purpose and my essence. I embarked in this journey of self-discovery, and I feel very happy to be experimenting events in my life that need to take place so that I can grow and look inside myself for the answers I seek.

I absolutely love being able to share with you my life’s journey.  

Thank you dear readers for being part of the journey and for existing!!!

On the Road to Damascus…

Journal        Sunny London Friday 6 April 2012

On the Road to Damascus,

Here I am traversing the road to Damascus on my own, I carry a small luggage with room enough to fit in all the pieces of the broken puzzle I call my life. This is not an easy road, it leads to self-realisation and for that to take place it is necessary to contemplate my inner life, to go back and forth between faded memories that sometimes catch a glimpse of light, and then become clearer. I have never been a coward, on the contrary life itself has made me become a survival. A survival to pain, disappointment and illness. All this, I must say has made me a much stronger person, more humane and more real.

You may be asking yourself at this point ‘Why does she share her inner thoughts with us?’ well, the answer is simple. I don’t know you yet I know one thing about you, that you are human and therefore prone to suffering and if you been one of the lucky ones who haven’t been touched by tragedy, in that case what I share with you is a life lesson that you can learn from me without having to go through all the pain and suffering. Today more than ever I know I must continue in this journey. If I am to be of real value to myself, to my family and to society, I must be me.  Life is full of surprises, when you least expect it, what you least expected may happen to you and then you’ll have a moment like Saul of Tarsus, later know as the Apostle Paul,  had on the road to Damascus. A moment where all you though was real and solid breaks down into tiny little pieces before your eyes. Those pieces or the old you turn into dust – and the only way forward is to start a new. To begin with new paradigms and to be born again. Throughout our lives we die and are born on number of occasions. As long as we live, life will always push us to evolve and to improve the quality of our lives.

So I’m on this road… there is no regret, there is hope, there is sadness at times and many joys as well. One thing is for sure. I would never want life anyway else, because it is through the suffering and self-analysis that I can really appreciate every detail of life: the smile of a child, the beautiful flowers, the sun that caresses my skin and makes me feel alive, the foods that I enjoy so much and tantalise my taste buds, the hearty laughter that reminds me I’m still a child inside, the tears that clear my vision so I can see  myself and others better, the wonder of travelling and meeting new people, learning from them and experiencing life at a new level. And the list goes on and on and on, the many things and people I am grateful for in my life.

Thanks my dear readers. It is always a pleasure to share with you my thoughts, my life, my ups and downs, in the hope that one day very soon I’ll be able to write… guess what? I’m 100%!!!!

Until that day, I will continue to share with you my life’s journey – to share those magical portals I encounter at times, that embed my life with magic and love.

Have a lovely Easter Weekend!!!!!!    

Parts of the Jigsaw: Learning Again.

This Morning                  London 5 April 2012

Every day, I aim towards piecing my life together. I know it takes time and patience, and that I need to monitor myself on a daily basis. I have become my own ‘subject’, life – coach and psychologist all at once. For the past five days I have been feeling quite down, depressed actually. It is very frustrating to want to do so MUCH and to realise that for one reason or another you can’t (not at that precise moment). Since starting my journey of self-discovery I took up the habit of writing everyday on my journal sometimes I write in Spanish (which is my first language) and sometimes in English. This morning I wrote in Spanish but I want to translate it and share it with you my dear reader. This is what I wrote:


Sometimes we want to fly before we can walk, sometimes we want to reach the chasm of heaven, when we are unable to reach the chasm of our own beings. In this journey that is called life, we encounter many stops, everyone of those stops seeks to provide us with a valuable teaching, with a tool that we’ll need for the journey. But sometimes we don’t want to, or we don’t know how to advance, and we stay stuck at that stop that becomes, eternal, boring and at times unbearable. But it is our own incapacity to learn, to take that tool, thank the stop; and move on our way forward into the journey of self-discovery that keeps us stuck.

This morning before I got up, I was analysing myself,  realising my own mistakes – and of course. I became aware that everything lies in me, that I am the only person that can improve my life. For five days I’ve been feeling depressed, disoriented, and confused. And only today I came to understand the reasons why…………………

I also learned today that the past and the future do not exist, what exists is ‘time’, eternal time, it continues even when we are not longer here. We will always and only ever have the PRESENT, this beautiful gift  in which we ought to carry out all our plans, an use it to the fullest, making every minute of this beautiful  gift count. Perhaps I’m not making much sense today, and it doesn’t really matter. You can take this writing, if you wish, as a stream of consciousness, or as the personal thoughts of a woman in her way to self-discovery. After so many years of emotional coma, and  traumatic illness, is not easy to piece my life together. But I’m hopeful and determined. I am taking each day at the time. Walking and learning with patience and love, for my life,  for those around me, and for the universe. My message to those who are going through a similar process of self-discovery as I am, is to see this as an amazing gift from God, who is giving us the opportunity to evolve to a deeper level of awareness and consciousness. I wish you all a marvellous day! and I’ll leave you with a song.

For those that speak Spanish:

And for those that speak English (or you can watch them both!)