Resilience & Courage.

Most of us would like to have a smooth ride through life, to achieve all of our dreams and to have the perfect life. The problem is that life is not in any way lineal as most people would love to believe. Life is complex.

The most important lesson that should be taught at an early age is the power of resilience and courage,  without which it would be very difficult and painful to go through life. Every person is an entity, we have been given a body, mind and soul. Those three should be our most precious treasure. Everything  else that happens on the outside is circumstantial,  and circumstances change, and they change fast. One day you are happily married, the next your husband has left you, one day you have an amazing job, tomorrow you may be made redundant. Your great business could be lost along with your health and your love ones. So what guarantees do we have of anything? none really. Life is forever changing and we must learn to craft a character that will withstand the changes of life, the ups and downs.

A few nights ago I was asked: So how do you survive? what keeps you going? My answer was God, the power of faith, and always taking care of myself, knowing that no matter what happens in my life I have God and I have me. Every moment is a gift we must cherish and enjoy to the fullest, but at the same time me must learn to let go. Once the moment has passed is gone. Many of our sufferings as human beings are because we don’t live in the present moment, we are either too caught up in the past, reliving it again and again our minds; or we are dreaming of a future when we will be happy once we get this, that or the other. We should live every moment and every day as our only one, and make sure that we make it as happy as possible. Choose health, choose happiness, choose to anchor your security in yourself and in God or a power greater than you.




Realising Your Dreams: Coffee, Cake, Alice in Wonderland.

photo_2[1]I would like to introduce you to: Miss Poppy Cakes! a charming and magical cafeteria situated in a corner inside Camden Stables Market in Camden Town London. I am always searching for all things inspirational and the minute I walked into this Alice in Wonderland theme Cafe I knew there was an inspirational story behind…


On Saturday the 8th November through a rainy night I managed to make my way to meet Miss Poppy and find out the story behind this very inspirational and magical cafe. Meet Sarah or otherwise known as Miss Poppy. Sarah first came to London when she was 14 years old and something about the city captivated her. She is now 33 years old. She got her degree from Hungary where she is originally from, she studied Film Aesthetics with Philosophy and Religion. After working six years as an events organizer back home, she decided it was time to move to the city that captured her heart – London. photo_1[1]




But before I continue with the interview let me show you through pictures this particular cafe decorated with an eye for detail. A little wonderland and a magical place where home-made cakes, cup cakes, are served daily along side coffees, teas, and organic juices. All in a relaxed atmosphere of magic and fairy tale. From the hand picked decoration to the icing on the delicious carrot cake, this is definite, a spot to visit if you are ever in London town.










As you can see so far it is a lovely & charming cafe with a fantastic atmosphere and there are a few more pictures I would like to share with you of some beautifully crafted miniatures. But for now lets continue with the interview.

When Sarah first arrived in London it was far from a fairy tale. It was very hard to find a job in baking coming from such a different career background. Nonetheless she persevered, knowing in her heart that she always dreamt with having her own little space one day. After many rejections she found work and for three years she worked in hotels and restaurants when finally one day she decided it was time to make her dream come true. I asked Sarah what was her driving force, and she responded that “It may sound boring, but if you really know what you want to do, don’t give up.” She also mentioned in our conversation that it was important to believe in the magical power of creation, in the determination force behind the dream. This woman is a true inspiration, her cafe has been open for four weeks and she works 6 days a week for long hours often up to early hours in the morning baking her cakes in her kitchen. When I asked her if it was too much work she responded “I do what I love – so it is never too much.” Sarah’s philosophy is that you CAN create the world around you but that first you must leave your fears aside, relax and let your passion arise.

Sarah didn’t just realised her dream of opening up her own “bakery” but she also found love in London. Her current business partner is also her love, his name is Gergely also from Hungary. He quit his high pay job in the city to join his girlfriend in this adventure and together they work side by side making this cafe a lovely place for visitors. Gregg is also responsible for the art design and the miniature figures which I will show you shortly.

Sarah & Gergely partners in love & in business. A lovely Hungarian couple.
Gergely recreated Sarah’s kitchen where she bakes her cakes including their black cat sitting in the chair.




photo_4[1] photo_3[1]

On the 8th of November all the earnings from the cafe where going to the charity MIND that helps people with mental illness. This was a significant date for on this date Peter the guy that introduced Sarah & Gergely passed away. Here is a picture of him.


So if you ever in town pop by Miss Poppy Cakes I will write their website if you want to check it out. I find this story inspirational because it gives me hope. Absolutely anyone CAN achieve their dreams if they want it bad enough; all we have to do is pursue the desire of our heart and trust that the universe will put in our path the people, tools and opportunities we need to create our destiny. Like Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss.” and it will surely lead you to all the right places and people.


In The Middle of the Night….

So often we toss and turn in our beds in the middle of the nigh,t it’s like instead of falling sleep and resting our bodies, we think of all the existential questions that battle our daily lives.  It is at night, when no one is around, when we are alone with our thoughts that the internal questioning starts. But why do we do this? why do we engage in a mental conversation with ourselves about all kinds of issues? there are many reasons, but the one that comes to mind is our inability to be present in the moment, to respond in real time to people or situations that upset us or unsettle us.

You will be surprise to know that so many people engage in this personal mental battle at night. It is of profound importance to keep our minds free from mental clutter. Thoughts have a powerful vibration, they are energy and whether you believe it or not they influence our material life. Have you ever heard the phase “you are what you think”? it could not be more true. Whatever you think, that you become. The outside noise of others cannot unsettle you if your thoughts about yourself  & your life remain positive and constructive. The best way to avoid sleepless nights and mental torment is to keep a diary in which you can input everything you feel from the bad to the ugly and the good. In this dairy you can annotate your moods and what makes them shift. By doing this you will be able to not only to monitor your daily performance, but also to think of ways to improve yourself.

In the middle of the night you should be sound sleep relegating the day’s outcomes (both positive & negative) to your note book. In that way you free your mind to have a restful sleep without ignoring the day’s outcome. Another good tip is to also get into the habit of emptying your mind of clutter as you wake up. From dreams to nightmares to moods relating to the weather it is wise and proficient to write on your notebook as soon as you wake up.

I will be interested in finding out how you felt after you applied  the notebook method. Please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know how it worked for you. Because we are all in the journey of life and every little helps.

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All the best my dear readers!

The Secret to Our Enlightenment.


Our society is like a big organism. It was like this since the beginning of humanity. It gradually evolved over time shaping its body and mind.A body with a complexity that nowadays it’s difficult to fathom. A complexity so vast, that even the body itself cannot recognize. It’s mind evolved in knowledge. In stupidity remained steady.

In complexity evolved exponentially. It became a big factor in shaping the body itself. It became the source of the body’s failures and successes. It became the bridge between hate and love. It separated the body in multiple components, making it weaker and weaker and more vulnerable to self-destruction. These components that we are talking about have taken many forms such as: nations,religions,cults,groups,and even egocentric individual organisms. Each one of them has become like a body in itself with its mind. Each one of these components is part of a vast distributed system,that works in unison with its kind but different to its neighbour.

This big system of distributed components has no center anymore. Each component has different features and different settings to its neighbour,but they all share one thing: prejudice. They are all guided by prejudice.The air they breath, the sights they see, the sounds they hear, the knowledge they learn, they are all guided by prejudice. There are many things that we can say about these components. Some components want tocreate the missing center of this distributed system. Some components comply to the rules of others. Some components are dependent on other components. Some components just die out. And, these changes and transformations that happen in the body influence the mind of this big organism. 

We can see that there is a mutual relationship between the mind and the body of this big organism. Whatever happens in the mind influences the body and vice versa. Matter merges with mind. During the lifespan of this organism on earth we have seen and heard and read about its history and we have tried to understand how this vast organism works. We have tried to improve this organism based on previous mistakes. But is there anything we’re missing here, because we are still stuck in the same old fight that has been going on since the beginning of humanity, fight for power, fight for who is right and who is wrong.

How can we change this? How can humans transcend their minds into not thinking like this anymore. How can humans transform this big organism that we call society into a peaceful and enlightened one.Perhaps we need a powerful center in this distributed system of different and conflicting minds. Perhaps we need a new world order. Perhaps we need more money as a typical government would say. Or perhaps we forgot of who we truly are and need to be reminded. Maybe that’s what it is. We need to be reminded that we don’t need earthly power to survive, we don’t need money to survive, we don’t need food to survive, we don’t need land to survive, we don’t need to get married to survive,or buy a new a car, or be the president of a country or be rich or famous or whatever materialistic that comes in your mind.

What we need is to acknowledge the power of our minds, what we need is to evolve into enlightened beings. Because we can be gods ourselves and we can shape our body and our world with our minds. Let me remind you again the mutual relationship between the body and mind of the big organism that we were talking about until now.We see people changing society everyday with their actions and thoughts, we can change ourselves like that too. By changing ourselves we change our society, by transcending our minds we transcend society, by enlightening ourselves we enlighten our society. The greatest minds in the history of humankind like Aristotle, Descartes,Jesus, Muhammad, Einstein, Newton, etc.., they all told us about this through their words and books.  The secret to our enlightenment lies in the past.

By: Fatos Ismali