Solar Radiation: A change in Our Human Energy

Massive X6.9 class solar flare, August 9, 2011...
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Change – Energy- Solar      Radiation 

What changes this solar radiation storm will bring to the earth energetic field is an interesting question? the eruption of a moderate solar flare at the centre of the Sun has unleashed a tremendous radiation storm. Radiation in the form of solar protons has been descending on the Earth from Sunday and is likely to continue until Wednesday. The storm could have disruptions to airline flights, oil operations and  space satellites. Dr Terry Onsager, from the NOAA’s American Space Weather  Prediction Centre in Colorado said ” That the energy causes the Earth’s magnetic field to fluctuate, is like a big battering ram that pushes into the Earth’s Magnetic field.” What implications in terms of our health and the environment in general this storm will have – no one really knows. Some say it could give special powers to some.

Do we really need a change in energy? my answer is, we most certainly do. Living in a world where greed, vanity, ignorance and selfishness has spread a horrendous seed we definitely need a change. Unfortunately what most of us fail to acknowledge is that we are active agents in what happens in our lives, our homes, our work and our society. Until we raise up to the challenge of a new energy of change we will continue to see the earth being polluted, destroyed and consumed, we will continue to see hunger, injustice and atrocities committed on all the continents of our mother earth. WE need to change, change starts with the individual and it is then spreads along the universe.

Let us spread the earth not with solar protons but with the energy of aware, emancipated individuals who are willing to make a change. If we look at the state of society from whatever vantage point it all calls for a change from the education system, to the economic system,  a change is needed. Genuine, courageous, loving, peaceful and positive energy is needed.

Change starts with me and you. Our energy is far more powerful than anything we can image. Let us wake up and assume the challenge as agents of positive change for our lives, our families, our societies and the world in general.