In The Middle of the Night….

So often we toss and turn in our beds in the middle of the nigh,t it’s like instead of falling sleep and resting our bodies, we think of all the existential questions that battle our daily lives.  It is at night, when no one is around, when we are alone with our thoughts that the internal questioning starts. But why do we do this? why do we engage in a mental conversation with ourselves about all kinds of issues? there are many reasons, but the one that comes to mind is our inability to be present in the moment, to respond in real time to people or situations that upset us or unsettle us.

You will be surprise to know that so many people engage in this personal mental battle at night. It is of profound importance to keep our minds free from mental clutter. Thoughts have a powerful vibration, they are energy and whether you believe it or not they influence our material life. Have you ever heard the phase “you are what you think”? it could not be more true. Whatever you think, that you become. The outside noise of others cannot unsettle you if your thoughts about yourself  & your life remain positive and constructive. The best way to avoid sleepless nights and mental torment is to keep a diary in which you can input everything you feel from the bad to the ugly and the good. In this dairy you can annotate your moods and what makes them shift. By doing this you will be able to not only to monitor your daily performance, but also to think of ways to improve yourself.

In the middle of the night you should be sound sleep relegating the day’s outcomes (both positive & negative) to your note book. In that way you free your mind to have a restful sleep without ignoring the day’s outcome. Another good tip is to also get into the habit of emptying your mind of clutter as you wake up. From dreams to nightmares to moods relating to the weather it is wise and proficient to write on your notebook as soon as you wake up.

I will be interested in finding out how you felt after you applied  the notebook method. Please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know how it worked for you. Because we are all in the journey of life and every little helps.

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All the best my dear readers!