Creative Writing: Exercise on Description


First choose an object of some kind and place it in front of you. Once you have the object, describe it in as much detail as possible, including all the five senses without forcing it. You may include the weather outside as well. A good example of this exercise is Ted Hughes’  ‘View of a Pig’.

Here is my own exercise (I’ll tell you at the end what the object is)

It is round and symmetrical, you can open or close it. Because it is cold outside, it remains tightly closed not to let anything in, unless you open it at will. It tastes 0f dry water – the feeling that is left behind in the tongue and palate, of almost dry and satisfied.

It’s dark as night – its colour is  mysterious and inviting – utter silence resides inside; unless you move it or shake it. In that case, it provides a resonant sound that it is not loud or uncomfortable to the ears. It feels smooth and inviting to touch and a little cold.

It smells of me, of sweet, of my sensual poignant fragrance, and of my hand cream containing: camomile, jasmine and patchouli.

The object I just described (in my own terms) is a Dolce & Gabana black eyeglass case.

The more I write, the more I realise it is a craft that needs to be improved and perfected by the act of writing itself.  It is true what they say; practice makes perfect. I am in no WAY referring to my own writing, as I am much aware of my limitations and necessity to practise more, and if possible, everyday.

I hope this little exercise was of help for those fiction and creative writers. This, as well as the next exercises I’ll be sharing with you, have been taken from the book ‘The Creative Writing Coursebook’ edited by Julia Bells & Paul Magrs.

Painting on Canvas
Painting on Canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And How to Begin the Journey?

The Journey of Self – Discovery

Where to Start? 

Well, first of all you need to understand your starting point. Your current state. In order to do that you will need: pen, paper, a pad and colour pens. On a page you can write your current state for example:

– Single

– 25 years old

– graduate/unemployed

Drawing by Anka Zhuravleva

Note down three to four points describing your current state. You simply write it on a piece of paper being as honest as you can be, remember, only you will be seeing this – is your journey of self – improvement!

After, take the colour pens and pad (which ever size you fancy) and separate the different areas in which you wish to change, you’ll need to include the AREA of work, and the current state of that area. Example:


It is quite bad at the moment, I need to lose weight and go down to 48 kilos (be specific as to the outcome you hope to achieve)


Awful, I need to become stronger, more grounded within myself. I want to stop feeling depressed, down or lonely. I want to stop feeling stressed and instead feel calm, at peace with myself and in control of my life.


IT is bad because I don’t have a job and my income needs to improve. I would like to get a full/part time job in this particular area.

Well the list can be as small or as long as you need it to be. The idea is that  you acknowledge the area you wish to improve, and realise how bad it is.

How to Improve these areas?

After you clearly know what you wish to improve and how much you need to improve that area of your life, the second stage is to work out a concrete plan of action. Example:


  • Wake up every day at 7:oo have a healthy breakfast (you can even do a menu for each day to make sure you stick to it).
  • Go to the gym for half an hour or and hour, go to jogging to the park, go swimming, or engaging in what ever type of exercise you enjoy and can afford.
  • Practise yoga daily.

So in every area, write down a plan of action and don’t forget to have a deadline or time frame to make your outcome more realistic. For example, I plan to lose weight by this date. I hope this helps. I know it’s a very basic and a rough guide, but it can serve as a starting point to move forward. We all want to enjoy happy and healthy lives, and the good news is that most of the areas in our lives that we want to improve are within our range of power. So go ahead and take your life to another level. It pleases me to share this with you because I am going through various changes in my life and I believe that each and everyone of us can improve the quality of our lives and relationships.

Picture by Anka Zhuravleca

Happy Journey!!!    

On losing weight…

Monday 27th                         London                             February             2012

I am very sorry to report dear reader that I did not do any exercise on this day, neither did I practise yoga. As a matter of fact I had no sleep. I spend all night editing a video for media week. I know this is not an excuse, but I feel bad enough for not sticking to my plan.

Tuesday 28th                         London                            February             2012

Much of the same. I could not, or did not exercise or practise yoga, I’m feeling pretty bad for no living up to my expectations.

Wednesday 29th       London                     February                       2012

Finally! today I WAS able to exercise, no for an hour but for half an hour, I know it is not what I set out to do but whoever tells you changing is easy, is basically lying. Change IS possible by is not by any means easy. So here I am trying to stay committed to my pledge. I have to say: that half an hour of exercise felt  simply AMAZING! I could feel  the release of endorphins pumping through my blood from my brain, the cheer feeling of my body moving, changing with the rhythm of music; it felt great. And like anything that feels good, you want more of it. So I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s exercise or rather dance routine, I’ll try to push it to hour, and I will also try to do yoga. I really want to lose weight and feel my body again but I’m well aware it will take time and effort, and I will have to be patient and forgiven to myself.

Dear reader I did not want to let you down  or let myself down. All I ask is a little patience and understanding. Thanks for reading!!!! and enjoy life!!!!

Cardiac yoga sample exercise
I need to persevere
Cardiac yoga sample exercise
I need to Exercise

On losing Weight…

Five Years Ago…

I started to put on weight due to a condition called polycystic ovaries which creates a hormonal unbalance in the body. Having weigh 48 kilos most of my life, it was difficult to come to terms to a staggering  74 kilos that I gained as a result of that condition. I lost count of the number of diets, failed exercise attends and good wishes to lose weigh. As with everything in life it is not enough to want something really badly, no. A considerable amount of discipline, motivation and constancy is necessary to see objectives and desires materialised. In the spirit of integrity and commitment first to myself, and then to my kind readers, I pledge to start an exercise routine from Monday 27th until the end of March. I have no idea how much weight I can lose in this time, however my exercise routine will consist of:

1) An hour exercise daily, preferably  dancing which is my favourite form of exercise.

2) half an hour to an hour of yoga daily as well.

Coconut organic oil is a good stimulant to aid weigh loss because it increases the metabolism and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Artichoke is also known to be a great stimulant that not only cleanses  the vascular system of cholesterol, but it also accelerates weight lose.  Drinking plenty of water and breathing exercises are also simple but effective ways to lose  weight. I would like to include before and after pictures but I don’t know how helpful, appropriate or interesting it will be to have a visual aid to give an idea of the challenge I will face. Nevertheless, if any of my readers wishes me to include them, I will do so at a latter stage. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!!


     Well Being