What Do you Tell Yourself…

The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves

For fear or regret

The biggest lies are hidden in a corner deep within

We choose not top see not hear – thinking that they’ll just disappear

Why do we lie to ourselves? wouldn’t be easier to see the truth?

No, that is why we lie to ourselves because the truth is too painful to accept

But the lies we tell ourselves end up hurting us really deep causing much pain and disappointment

But in the end it’s better to face the truth to accept what is and let go of what isn’t

The only way to move on is to make peace deep within, to realise that no matter how many lies you have told yourself or how many mistakes you have done, there is always redemption

Redemption from the false way of living, from the masks and the awful mistakes that we wish we hadn’t  made

The best thing one can do is to forgive, to forgive yourself first of all to make a new relationship with yourself based on truth, based on you

Yes you, for YOU are the most important person in your life and the most important relationship you will ever has starts with you

Self forgiveness allows you to let go and move on.  Forgive yourself for hurting yourself consciously or unconsciously

Forgive yourself for allowing others to hurt you – for not listening to your hurt and standing for your convictions

Tell that hurt little girl or little boy that is ok to forgive and move on

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By doing this you will feel completely free to let go of all the pain and the loss

You will be able to surrender to your truth and to live in freedom from the heart download (1).

You will then experience the greatest love of all the love of your own soul resonating with the universal consciousness thus allowing only goodness and truth enter your life

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Doorway Into Higher Dimensions

Doorway into Higher Dimensions

Human Development

Most of the time we are unable to recognize the existence of those doorways that lead to higher dimensions. This could be due to our lack of awareness, not only of our true nature; but also of the spiritual dimensions that are present at all times.

When you experience a shift in consciousness, even if only  for a split second, and instant sense of bliss and wonder is felt, this feeling is our constant state of being at the very core. The reason why we have become alienated from this sense of bliss and peace, is because another way or form of living has been received, internalised in our minds almost like a chip devise inside a computer or a robot and accepted as life. The chip device could be outside influences, set of believes that have shaped our perception of life, people and ourselves.

It is SO important to dive into the core of our very being, to reconnect with ourselves and with God (nature, energy or however you can relate to a higher being) take baby steps and be patient. Practise sitting still in a pleasant environment of your choice, it could be a park, at home or any place of your liking, and just be there surrounded by nature, breath easily and let go of all your worries – focus on the moment and on JUST BEING PRESENT.

I send my best wishes to all my dear readers, wishing you a marvellous day.

Living with Gratitude.

Good Morning Life!

It is very important to wake up everyday with a positive attitude. Well, and how is that possible? you may ask. It is quite simple, the problem is that we are not used to saying thanks for what we have, for appreciating life. Most often than not the focus is on what we don’t have, or what others have. But if you wake up every morning  from tomorrow and the first thing you do is thank God/universe/consciousness for all the blessing in your life, the frequency you send will come back to you, charged with positive energy.

Draw a list of things you are grateful for, you have nothing to be grateful for!? how about the fact that you are ALIVE, how about your eyes that allow you to see colours, nature, beauty and your loved ones? how about your hands and feet that allow you to travel, walk, write, touch and make wonderful things? You see! you have plenty to be grateful for in your life. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have yet, shift your focus on the things that you do have and be grateful for them. The media, marketing and advertising in order to sale their goods and make money, constantly bombard you with tanks of things you need, to be happy.  In reality what they’re selling you is an idea, a perception of who you may be if you acquire their goods, or how Tolle Eckhart calles it “personality enhancers”

All you need to be happy is YOU! happiness, total bliss and peace lies at the core of your being. But perhaps you haven’t realised it yet, because you are too preoccupied looking outside instead of inside . Enjoy a silent walk in nature, take a long bath with your favourite aromas, or engage fully in the present on any activity and you’ll find joy, as long as you are present and aware of your inner self. 

I am happy and thankful to be able to share my thoughts and journey with you my dear readers, and I look forward to what life has in store. Each step takes me back to unity, love, bliss and complete peace.

You’ve gotta dance like there is nobody watching,

love like you’ll never be hurt,

sing like there is nobody listening,

and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

 ______________William W. Purkey 

Asking the right questions: What Does Life Want From Me!

In our endeavour to live this life, the question “what do I want out of life” is often asked at some point of our lives. Our ego tends to interfere with the answer to that question, after a mental pause, immediately an answers shoots into our brain. More often than not  our ego comes up with a shiny list of things we ought to have in order to feel happy and complete. The process will work differently, I believe, if we ask a different question “What does life/universe/God/consciousness want from me” if we ask the right questions, we WILL get the right answers.  In the first instance the ego would loudly shout that it needs what the media, friends or society has that he lacks. That could be a big mansion, the latest car, a supermodel looking woman and all the money in the world. Then I’ll be complete and happy, the ego would say. Nothing can be further from the truth. Happiness does not lie in the things we have but in who we are, but you will never be able to know who you are unless you look inside yourself and ask yourself the right questions. We are all born individuals, with a mission and a path to follow on this earth.

We cannot all be satisfied with the same things because we are all different. When you ask what does life asks of me, then, you enter a different terrain, then you glance at purpose and fulfilment in the face. Your life’s purpose is hidden inside of you and it is up to you to find it. But you will only be able to find it in the stillness of your inner being. We were all born to feel happy and complete. Ask the right questions, wait for the answers, and then your life will be transform.

Happy Reading                                           


Piture by Eric Fortune


Picture by Eric Fortune
Picture by Eric Fortune
Picture by Eric Fortune
Illustration by Denis Zilber



Photo by Anka Zhuravleva


Photo by Anka Zhuravleva


Anka Zhuravleva – Mirror, mirror (from the series Distorted gravity) (2011) (Photo credit: Cea.)”][ Z ] Anka Zhuravleva - Mirror, mirror (from t...Images trigger emotions. Our interpretation and perception is very individual, 10 people could be watching exactly the same event, or picture, and each feel a different thing. Let’s welcome diversity, variety and many artists who each contribute to our experience of life, colour, beauty and perception. Great day to all my dear readers!!!!! 




Happy Expectations….

If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal. ___Norman Vincent Peale

LOVE LIFE                                                                                                               HAPPINESS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT

On losing weight…

Monday 27th                         London                             February             2012

I am very sorry to report dear reader that I did not do any exercise on this day, neither did I practise yoga. As a matter of fact I had no sleep. I spend all night editing a video for media week. I know this is not an excuse, but I feel bad enough for not sticking to my plan.

Tuesday 28th                         London                            February             2012

Much of the same. I could not, or did not exercise or practise yoga, I’m feeling pretty bad for no living up to my expectations.

Wednesday 29th       London                     February                       2012

Finally! today I WAS able to exercise, no for an hour but for half an hour, I know it is not what I set out to do but whoever tells you changing is easy, is basically lying. Change IS possible by is not by any means easy. So here I am trying to stay committed to my pledge. I have to say: that half an hour of exercise felt  simply AMAZING! I could feel  the release of endorphins pumping through my blood from my brain, the cheer feeling of my body moving, changing with the rhythm of music; it felt great. And like anything that feels good, you want more of it. So I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s exercise or rather dance routine, I’ll try to push it to hour, and I will also try to do yoga. I really want to lose weight and feel my body again but I’m well aware it will take time and effort, and I will have to be patient and forgiven to myself.

Dear reader I did not want to let you down  or let myself down. All I ask is a little patience and understanding. Thanks for reading!!!! and enjoy life!!!!

Cardiac yoga sample exercise
I need to persevere
Cardiac yoga sample exercise
I need to Exercise